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Friday, November 17, 2006

field day pyramid

field day pyramid
Originally uploaded by sharkycharming.
This photo is from the first roll of film I ever shot, when I was 9. We were (mostly) 4th graders at St. Gabriel's School in Charlotte. The girls are wearing shirts that say 'Six Pack Plus'. Some of the girls (not me) started a "club" called Six Pack, and then they somehow got roped into including the rest of us. (Probably someone's mother decided that they were being too cliquey.)

bottom row, left to right: Renate Duerbeck, Jamey Brownd, Tim Williams, Jonathan Sweeney.

middle row, left to right: Mary Ann Santos, Kristin Farmer, Jennifer Kornicki.

top: Monica Rief.

Standing behind Mary Ann and Kristin: Sarah Cozon.

Between Monica's legs: Heather Nivens.

Behind Jennifer: Jeannine Hojnicki.

Attemping to climb onto Jonathan Sweeney: Jonathan Kornicki.

Laughing and pointing at Jonathan Sweeney: Ginny Keane.


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