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Friday, October 30, 2009

goals and dreams

Aspirations Regarding My M.F.A. Candidacy at University of Baltimore
• to make many friends and contacts
• to discover and develop my voice and my poetics
• to develop a daily writing practice
• to learn how to revise and to know when a poem is “finished”
• to improve my poetry reading (understanding) skills
• to improve my critical senses in regard to the works of other writers in workshops
• to consistently send my work out for attempted publication
• to learn elements of bookbinding
• to learn elements of graphic design both for print and electronic publishing
• to be more confident when reading my poetry aloud
• to discover many more poets whose work I love
• to be an asset to the MFA program and to UB in any way I can help
• to find my way to a career path
• to create (or begin to create) a public internet database of poets, with bibliographic and biographical information, to rival all other databases on the subject

Perhaps I Would Like To…
• start a small chapbook press
• start a small poetry journal
• create children’s books
• learn letterpress and other printing techniques
• work with children on creative writing
• work with retired adults on creative writing
• establish a local reading series
• establish a members-only online poetry writing group
• collaborate with local independent bookstores to promote local writing


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